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Alterra will help your artificial turf look new and fresh for years to come.

At Alterra we can help your artificial turf look fresh and new for years to come. Compared to natural grass, the maintenance on artificial turf is minmal. However, seasonal turf maintenance and cleaning is a key step in helping your lawn look as natural as possible. We offer one-time and recurring turf maintenance services for homeowners, schools, and businesses in need of turf repairs, maintenance or cleaning.

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Alterra's Turf Maintenance Service                    $299  (Up to 400 SF included ... $.50 per SF additional) 

Our Turf Maintenance service includes the followings steps:


Debris Removal

  • Your service starts with debris removal, where our technician will remove leaf litter and branches by using a turf     rake / leaf blower. This helps prepare the turf for the blooming process.

Weed Removal

  • We acknowledge the inevitability of weeds, and our team is committed is assisting in their removal within reasonable limits. This entails addressing isolated weeds through manual extraction. However, if your turf has been neglected for an extended period, leading to a substantial overgrowth resembling a small forest, an estimate and additional fee will be required for the service. Weeds typically emerge from along the perimeters and occasionally throughout the turf, stemming from seeds dropped by birds or overhead trees. Prioritizing the safety of your pets and children, we opt for traditional weed removal methods with out resorting to toxic weed killers.


Magnetic Sweep

  • Our magnetic sweeper uses a powerful magnet to remove nails, screws, staples, and other metal objects from your turf, even if they are hidden within the turf blades and hard to spot.


Turf Reblooming

  • Over time, consistent foot traffic can result in the leaning of flattening of artificial turf blades. Employing cutting-edge equipment, our reblooming process aids in bringing bent or flattened blades back to their initial upright positions. This process also assists with pet hair buildup which occurs deep between the turf blades and can lead to poor drainage, bacteria growth, and foul odors. Our reblooming process will also loosen compacted infill effectively improving drainage.


Detailed Inspection

  • Our technicians finish with a thorough inspection of the condition of the turf. They will tuck edges that may have lifted, or do minor adjustments to the turf to restore its condition. Alterra's turf maintenance professionals also reattach any loose seams in your turf. If you need your seams repaired as opposed to reattached, that would be considered a turf repair which would require an additional service fee.

Optional: Pet Deodorizing and Sanitizing Treatment       $89.00

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