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Create a whole new dimension to your entertaining area with our custom-designed, hand-crafted retaining walls.

Our natural stone and interlocking paving stone wall can be designed for gardens to hold various flowers and vines year round. They can also create new rooms for sitting with friends, relaxing with a book, or dining outdoors.

There are many different types of retaining walls to choose from as well as defining your main purpose for having one. Alterra Landscape System offers a wide selection of retaining walls ranging from large to small for all outdoor living spaces. Retaining walls can help stabilize erosion as well.


As mentioned, retaining walls ultimately depends on your specific needs. 

After you've decided what the purpose of your retaining wall will be, we can discuss the different types of retaining wall material available. 

Currently, we offer concrete block walls, stacking systems, and designs such as curves and steps.

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We provide affordable and sustainable landscape solutions for homeowners through the San Diego County.


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