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Keep your artifical turf clean and odor free

Alterra's primary focus is the safety of your family and pets. Utilizing a proven sanitizing system, we effectively target pet odors from urine, vomit, and feces. Our technicians will apply this 100% pet and kid-friendly artificial grass cleaner to your turf. Our sanitizing system kills viruses and bacteria, deodorizes smells, and neutralizes mold, mildew, and algae, in one step. The EPA-approved formula is safe to use around animals and humans. It is biodegradable and won't damage your trees or plants.

In many situations, a single application will effectively eliminate existing odors from your turf. However, variables such as the size of the area, the age of the installation, the number of dogs, the drainage characteristics of the space, and the size and sex of the dog can all factor into the duration of the results.

If your situation requires a more regular application of the cleaner/deodorizer we can assist in purchasing an easy to use, home application system that connects to a normal garden hose. The home system is inexpensive and straightforward to use. Your technician can provide any additional information you like.  


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